First impression lasts. And what is the best way to make an impression to your employer is through your resume. Remember that an average recruiter will spend only seconds of their time looking at your resume. This is why in that few seconds, your resume should have convinced the recruiter in opening an opportunity for you. Your resume should highlight the most attention-grabbing, unique details about you, your work experience and skills. Do this right then you’ll have high chances of being successful in finding mining jobs. Check out this blog further on How to Improve Your Resume and Get the Job You’ve Always Wanted.
There could be a lot of resume templates that can be used but are you sure that it is a reliable one that could give you a great impression? 
Luckily, Dani Tamati who is a recruitment specialist of THE resources HUB, specialises on mining employment and mining resumes and has won several national awards shares some secrets on how to improve your resume and get the job you’ve always wanted. 
This is important since you want to get noticed during the few seconds that the recruiter looks at your resume. Ensure that the format being used enables recruiters to see the key information about your personal information, work experience and skills easily. You don’t want to give recruiters a headache from reading your resume. From the font, font size, structure and layout, everything has to be easy to read. A bulleted structure can greatly help your resume look easy to read.
C-A-R means CONTEXT – ACTION – RESULTS. Make a brief sentence or short context of your job experiences followed by actions or duties that you’ve done in your indicated job description. Last but the most important of all, write the results and achievements while you are still holding that job position.
Recruiters nowadays sort resumes electronically. Computers or other devices look for keywords within the resume and from there there will be suggested resumes to recruiters. Make sure that important keywords for your job position and duties are included on your resume.
Putting numbers into your achievements create good impression to recruiters instead of simply narrating them. This provides an idea on what your capabilities are as well as your effectiveness in the job position. You may also use words like “Increase productivity by …” or the likes to show the magnitude of your achievement.
Consulting a professional or an expert to create your resume certainly have an advantage in getting noticed by your prospective employer and get the job that you’ve always wanted. An expert can make your resume stand out from a pool of resume through the knowledge they gained from experience. They know which skills, keywords and experiences should be highlighted that will give you more edge in becoming a candidate for a job.
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