Do you need help with your career?

We can assist you with your career path or direction to take.

As a dedicated Careers, Talent, Recruitment, and Managed Services consultancy working within the resources sectors, we offer individual clients a comprehensive and complete understanding of career pathways suitable to their distinct needs. This starts with those seeking career coaching, which provides incredible clarity and confidence in your career moving forward.

Our aim at the HUB is to personally know who you are and what career goals you are after.
By adopting this approach, we don’t use standard resume templates. Instead, and after much consultation with our clients, we develop tailored documents specifically for you that will represent your experience and qualifications to meet the needs of its reader – Recruiters, Hiring Managers and HR professionals alike.

To gain as much information as possible, we speak to you directly – preferably face-to-face, or via Skype or phone consults. This enables us to have a real understanding of your knowledge and successes as well as detailed information about the types of roles you are interested in applying for so we can focus on your resume/CV and cover letters correctly and efficiently.

Combined with quality designed and targeted career documentation, THE resources HUB allows our clients to have a more significant competitive edge when applying for their next employment opportunity.

THE resources HUB is the only Harrison Assessments Consultancy in the mining and resources sector, offering our career clients a clear understanding of suitable career pathways for their individual needs through employment assessments, career exploration, and personality and behavioural testing.

AND as a licensed and registered Employment Consultancy/Agency, we add your completed and updated documents to our recruitment database for upcoming employment opportunities, as we know exactly who you are and what your ideal role career pathway is!