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THE resources HUB can be very valuable for individuals looking to improve their employment prospects and advance their careers. Up-skilling can be particularly important in today’s rapidly changing job market, as it allows workers to acquire new skills and knowledge that can make them more competitive and attractive to employers.

In addition, presenting industry employee’s options for career progression can help workers identify potential growth opportunities and take steps to achieve their career goals. This can include things like identifying potential job openings within their company or industry, developing new skills or expertise, networking with other professionals, and pursuing additional education or training.

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THE resources HUB is committed to helping clients build the team they need to succeed in their business. By offering a range of recruitment solutions that can be tailored to each client’s needs, including generalist recruitment services, outsourcing options, HR support, career development opportunities, and employee engagement programs, THE resources HUB can help clients create a strong and effective team. By collaborating closely with clients, THE resources HUB can customise its approach to ensure that each client’s specific business goals are met and that they are able to focus on their core competencies while their recruitment and employment needs are taken care of.


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THE resources HUB’s team assists people with employment opportunities and career advancement by offering advice in up-skilling from previous career paths, as well as presenting industry employee’s options to progress within their chosen career path. We can offer you specialist services tailored to your career development needs including but not limited to the writing of personalised resumes, cover letters, and career profiles as well as LinkedIn creation and search engine optimisation (SEO).


THE resources HUB sets itself apart from other talent management and recruitment consultancies through our partnership with critically acclaimed Harrison Assessments. Harrison Assessments are specialists in all aspects of employee assessments through their behavioural testing tools. One of Harrison Assessments services offered through THErh that are invaluable to any employers, is the Job Suitability Assessment. It is designed to measure engagement, motivation, interpersonal skills and retention factors related to specific jobs.


At THE resources HUB we offer our clients comprehensive and collaborative recruitment and employment solutions to ensure that they are able to maintain focus on their business’s core competencies and deliverables. By customising the approach between our business and theirs,  These strategies include an extensive suite in generalist recruitment services through to outsourcing options, as well as true HR, career development and employee engagement options.


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“I was introduced and was highly recommended to speak with Dani, from “The Resources Hub” to assist in updating my CV and LinkedIn Profile. I found Dani to be extremely professional, and helpful, even to the point of working on her time off to finish my Profile and CV. I could not be happier with the outcome. Dani added strategic keywords for search optimization which has increased my Profile immensely within my field. By doing so my LinkedIn profile has provided me with extra contacts and opportunities. I have no hesitation to recommend individuals to utilise the services offered by Dani. Dani is an amazing woman and has a wealth of industry experience, knowledge and contacts. Thanks Dani!”

~ Paul O’Callaghan, Construction Industry Health and Safety Manager

“I reached out to Dani and the team at THE Resources HUB for some feedback on my CV. After the consultation with Dani, I got so much more! Dani offers a wealth of industry experience, sharing the current state of the industry and what future career opportunities there may be. Dani knew what my CV should highlight, what should be condensed, and what cover letters should contain for the roles I was applying for. I have walked away with the tools to keep a CV current as well as updating a relevant LinkedIn account to connect and network with recruiters and prospective employers. I can’t recommend Dani, and THE Resources HUB team highly enough, so professional, friendly and offer a wealth of industry experience, knowledge and relevant recruitment advise to put you in the best position to find the role you want. Great experience!! “

~Andrew M

“Whilst seeking someone to help refresh my CV and LinkedIn profile I was recommended Dani, of The Resources Hub. From day one and my initial contact, I have found Dani to be extremely professional, helpful and thorough and could not be happier with the outcome. My LinkedIn profile has provided me with a plethora of new contacts and opportunities. Dani has also helped me immensely in providing career advice which I have no doubt has contributed to where I am today. I have no hesitation and have done on many occasions recommended individuals to utilise the services offered by Dani. Dani is an amazing woman and has a wealth of industry experience, knowledge and contacts. Although we have never met face to face, the level of engagement and energy Dani provides has allowed me to call her a friend and mentor. Thanks Dani!”

~ Chris, Scaffold Industry Specialist/ Global Executive Management

“We’ve worked with Dani and THErh Team since 2015 and have secured many full-time Employees. What I love about Dani is that she goes the extra mile to really find out who will be the best fit for our business now, and into the future.
Unlike most other consultants and agencies we have worked with over 20 years in business, Dani has taken the time to get to know us, our business, what we stand for and what our core values are, then her and THErh Team will align the prospective candidates with those values.
I personally highly recommend Dani Tamati and THE resources to any employer to help with your candidates and employees.”

~ Brett Easton, General Manager

“Dani I just wanted to say thanks for all your help – I’m sure your CV and Linked in updates helped me to get both of the jobs I was applying for!! Dani helped me with my CV and LinkedIn profile. She did two versions of my CV, as I was applying for two quite different jobs. I ended up getting both! I found Dani extremely easy to deal with; she was punctual, professional and really listened to what I wanted. She was absolutely instrumental in me getting my dream job. Thanks, Dani!”

~ Rebecca, Trainee Process Operator – Woodside


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