Did you know?

9 out of 10 recruiters use LinkedIn

9 out of 10 recruiters use LinkedIn to find eligible candidates
and more than half of business-to-business companies are finding clients
through LinkedIn.

With more than 740 million registered users, LinkedIn is the premier social media outlet for businesses. As more individuals and enterprises add their profiles, it’s becoming more challenging to turn up in searches.

Even, THE resources HUB outsources candidates and clients via LinkedIn in the mining and resources sectors.

What most users are unaware of is LinkedIn uses an internal set of algorithms to prioritise specific profiles over other users, giving businesses and individual recruiters who have optimised their accounts correctly a leg up in using the service to find jobs, clients and more.

Not only should your website be optimised for specific search results, but your LinkedIn profile should also be search engine optimised (SEO’d) to attract viewers.

You’ll need to make sure your profile has completed the basic set-up required, expand and engage (like posts/comments and share) and update your skills and interests.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with millions of members and multiplying. We can help you:

  1. Establish your professional profile and control one of the top search results for your name.
  2. Build and maintain a broader network of professionals you can trust.
  3. Find and reconnect with colleagues and classmates.
  4. Learn about other companies.
  5. Leverage powerful tools to find and reach the people you need.
  6. Tap into the knowledge of your network.
  7. Discover new opportunities