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Living the FIFO Lifestyle!

Dani Tamati, Managing Director of THE resources HUB shares with us her personal stories of working FIFO in the mining and resources sector, getting women into the workforce through empowering and engaging and the importance of support in mental health, not only for the Employee but their family members as well.

Talking all things recruitment | Dani Tamati

Lynn talks with Dani from The Resources HUB about all things recruitment with a focus on mining.
Dani shares with us what to expect in mining jobs during the coronovirus crisis. She also tells us what the essentials are when it comes to marketing yourself and getting a mining job, as well as experiences on hiring and recruitment processes which you need to know if you want to be successful in your job application.
Hear the podcast here.

Brainfood Live On Air, Ep 32. Live From Perth with Hung Lee, Dani Tamati, Stan Rolfe & Jon Bowker

Perth: one of the most remote big city metropolises anywhere: how does recruiting work over here? Is it all mining & water management? Brainfood Live is Live from Perth, where Hung Lee will be joined by 3 local experts who are going show tell us what the challenges are in hiring for roles based in Western Australia.

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