Learn how to reduce the stress of redundancy in mining jobs or mining resources sector! And set yourself up to secure a position that allows you to use the skills and expertise you’ve spent years creating…As your specialised Mining Recruitment or Consultancy hub, we’re here to guide you!
Redundancy is not something you expect will be a part of your work journey. Unfortunately is it becoming a common reality in today’s job market and particularly in industries such as the resources sector or jobs in mining, oil and gas, etc. With little notice you can go from feeling secure to being out of work and stressed about how you are going to support yourself and your family.
THE resources Hub would like to introduce:


At THE resources HUB we offer speciality services to assist you to navigate the unexpected and challenging journey of redundancy in resources sector particularly jobs in mining, oil & gas, etc. so that you can quickly and effectively get back to being employed in a role matched to the skills, expertise and experience you have to offer.
We have partnered with the team at Acorn Life Path to offer a Program in order to help you be better prepared for redundancy.
The extensive series covers everything from how to
  • Ensure your CV is the highest quality so that you know you are highlighting your greatest professional assets to prospective employers
  • Set up your LinkedIn profile to successfully brand yourself
  • Receive Job Alerts so that you are the first to hear of potential opportunities and can act quickly and confidently to submit your application
  • How to negotiate with your creditors effectively so that you can pay them less while staying off the blacklist
We want to make sure you’ve set yourself and your family up financially and personally to get through any rough patch.
Whether you are have recently been made redundant, or believe this is imminent for you, this series will ensure that you are as prepared as possible to mitigate any additional stress and unnecessary anxiety for you and your family.
THE resources Hub can help guide you not only through Redundancy Program, but also in finding you a job, creating an attractive resume and noticeable LinkedIn Profile.
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