Resource Sector

Resume Writing

Do you want a new opportunity in the Mining and Resources sector?
Or to transition your career?

As a mining and resources recruitment consultancy, our services include advice on job searching strategies specific to your needs, approaching desirable roles, industry-specific resumes and cover letters designed to assist you in securing your new, ideal position.

Let us help unveil your abilities on your resume!

Our aim at THE resources HUB is to personally know who YOU are and what career goals YOU are after. By adopting this approach, we don’t use standard ‘resume templates.’ Instead, after much discussion with our clients, we develop tailored documents specifically for YOU that will represent your experience and qualifications to meet the needs of its readers – Recruiters, Hiring Managers, HR professional alike.

Get more interview callbacks… Stand out!

To have all the information required, we speak to you directly, preferably face-to-face, to book our consultations. Which will enable us to have a real understanding of your knowledge and successes, as well as gathering information about the types of roles you are interested in applying for, so we can focus on your resume and cover letters correctly.

With the wealth of knowledge and industry experience that resides in the HUB, Dani Tamati and her team at THE resources HUB can provide you with firsthand familiarity and expertise.