Career Navigation System with

The resources HUB

Do you need some Career Clarity?
Do you want to identify your greatest

A Career Navigation System  will assist you with uncovering your greatest strengths and identify the positions,
company types and career paths that will bring you ultimate satisfaction.

Career Exploration

Finding careers and positions that you are best suited to

Career Search

Search in the system for all the unique jobs that are suitable for you: your likes and dislikes

Career Prospects

Discover the most enjoyable aspects of a job or position of your choice

Career Selection

Find out non-enjoyable aspects of any profession, hence saving a lot of time through trial and error

Strength Analysis

dentify your greatest strengths and use them to YOUR advantage

Career Guidance

Utilise your greatest strengths report to position yourself successfully in front of interviewers and create the right type of positive impact from the very first instance

Interview Ready

Get the guidance you need through the detailed career reports specific to you and your circumstances, and how best you can develop your career

THE resources HUB has become a Harrison Assessments Solutions Partner;
offering our Career Clients a clear understanding of suitable career pathways for their individual needs.

Harrison Assessments are internationally recognised specialists in all aspects of employee assessments through their excellent behavioural testing tools. Their services offer a full personality and psychological testing, and career exploration.

Harrison’s Career Navigator uses the most advanced technology for helping students, graduates, unemployed and working adults find and succeed in a career they will love and enjoy!

Harrison’s Career Navigator sorts more than 600 careers profiles in the system in order for you to find a career that aligns with your interests, personality and the activities you enjoy doing. Our career test is based on world-wide research, that clearly shows that when you find this alignment, you are more than three times as likely to succeed in your career!

“The Harrison Assessment test is perfect for those who are at
the stage of which career to pursue and those who would like to transition their careers…”