Indigenous recruitment

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We partner with our clients to tailor specific Indigenous recruitment strategies.

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Indigenous Recruitment

As an organisation or an individual, you may be seeking support for indigenous recruitment.

We partner with our clients to tailor specific Indigenous recruitment strategies and also have the capability to provide “work ready” and continued mentoring and support programmes for Indigenous candidates when required. With strong local and Pilbara-based Indigenous networks, our ability in this area of recruitment is received well in the current WA labour market.

One of our key focuses is to cultivate and assist in improving our client’s indigenous employment strategies and workforce retention, and as such, THE resources HUB  currently has access to over 2,500 Indigenous job seekers in WA alone.

THE resources HUB   encourages and supports workforce diversity; we are also able to deliver the following on behalf of our clients. 

  • Tailored Indigenous ‘Work Ready’ programmes
  • Cultural awareness training
  • Mentoring programs – indigenous consultants on-hand to engage and mentor employees
  • Reconciliation action planning
  • Diversity employment initiatives
  • Job specific training
  • Welcome to the country/acknowledgment of Country
  • Indigenous recruitment and specific sourcing strategies
  • Indigenous labour/contract/project employees