Mining Resources Industry | The feeling of familiarity and having a routine in our career gives us a sense of stability as we feel safe and contented with what our profession continually provides. Day in, day out, the same happens and as time goes by we then realise that we haven’t progressed too far; which is one of the effects of staying in the comfort zone.
You tend to miss out new challenges and experiences that are essential for our growth. It pays to take that leap of faith. Truly, Career Transition is Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone.

Check out Lara’s story, who started her career as a teacher and is now loving the mining life!
As a teacher, she enjoyed working with great people, with the expansion of growing. Unexpectedly, Lara received the opportunity to undertake drilling. At first, there was hesitation, but she happily accepted the role, and the rest was history!

For several years, Lara has been into different rosters and companies — enjoying the time away and time with family on weekends.

Lara is currently working as a Mining Contracts Coordinator, responsible for fieldwork. She has traveled to places such as Salt Lake City and achieved many goals.

Her story is a perfect example of Career Transition: Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

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