The mining industry is on the rise as we see projects starting in different locations and jobs are continuing to grow. According to news, Mining is one of the top five industry for Australian job growth. The mining industry showed 1.4 per cent growth. With all these positive things happening in the industry, are you ready for all the opportunities which you can experience? What you need are tips that can supercharge your career. Check out Supercharge Your Mining Career With These Tips From Career Expert!

Here are 3 tips to supercharge your career from mining industry expert:

  1. Revise your resume and cover letter

You may have heard this several times already, a resume is the ‘face’ of your application and this is what will make you create a impression that’ll make a hiring manager to know more about you. This is indeed an ultimate fact. Revise your resume and cover letter in such a way that will convince hiring managers that it is you who they’re looking for by highlighting your skills, experiences, and achievements.

Don’t forget to include important keywords so that your resume will be readable by Applicant Tracking System (ATS). These keywords will help your resume be seen in the system.

       2. Improve On Your Performance

Eyeing on a career change or promotion? Then what you need is to further improve on your performance. It is good to do more than what is expected of you. Reach out to other people who could need a little help to achieve certain work to be done. This will not only benefit you, careerwise, but it will also help you grow as a person too. Aim for improvements. Be proactive

        3. Learn in-demand skills.

The demand for certain mining positions vary depending on what the company needs, and as a mining talent, it would be beneficial that you possess different kinds of tickets to fulfill the varying skills demand.

Learning a new skill can help you be more marketable in terms of getting jobs. The more skills you know, the higher chances of getting a job. And as a skilled trader, having more skills definitely supercharges your career.

Aside from these tips, having a career roadmap will help you become more successful and satisfied. Consulting an industry expert and do some career coaching is beneficial since an industry expert knows in-depth knowledge on what the industry will be in the long run, and they can guide you on which career to take. | Supercharge Your Mining Career With These Tips From Career Expert