Mining Resources Industry | You’ve applied for your ideal dream job, received notification that the company is interested in you, now it comes down to the job interview. There could be habits that you didn’t know you’re doing that turns off the hiring manager. Know 6 Habits That Could Kill Your Interview Now!

This is your ultimate ‘time to shine’ and prove to recruitment/hiring managers that it is you who they are looking for. It is your opportunity to elaborate on what’s written on your resume including experience and what you bring to the table and make a good lasting impression on the company in order to be the ‘candidate of choice’. The average length of an interview is approximately 40 minutes; however, they can go longer, and you’ve got this time to wow the interviewer and relay your abilities. So, it’s best that you’d know some of the habits to avoid that could kill your job interview. You’ve got this!

1 ) Poor presentation judgement

You may have the best knowledge, skills, qualifications and experience but if you come into an interview not dressed appropriately, you can say goodbye to that new job or promotion.

Studies show that 65% of recruiters/hiring managers say clothes and brand can be the deciding factor between two similar candidates. So, stand out from the rest of the crowd by dressing up appropriately and really putting some thought into it.

Remember, dress to gain trust and command respect.

2 ) Being unprepared

Did you know that the number one question most likely to be asked is – “Tell me about yourself”? Start with this. Learn more common questions that are usually asked in an interview and practice. But don’t be surprised if there are a few ‘curveball’ questions thrown in for good measure.

Coming to an interview prepared also means researching and knowing information about the company that you would like to work in, as well as the position you are applying for. Among 2,000 bosses interviewed, 47% said that having little or no knowledge about the company is the most common mistake an interviewee makes during an interview.

3 ) Watch your mouth

Obviously yes, there are just some things you shouldn’t be saying in an interview and these include swearing and bad mouthing. It kind of goes without saying really.

Gossiping about your recent employer, former boss or work mate is also a huge mistake during an interview as this can be a very unprofessional habit. It may appear you have no filter and do not understand professional etiquette. Keep your thoughts neutral or as positive as you can and if there isn’t anything nice to say, gloss over the answer as diplomatically as you can and focus on sharing positive situations of what you have learned from your past experiences.

4 ) Interrupting

Interrupting is rude during all types of conversation, but especially during interviews. This shows you are impatient and disrespectful. Definitely a job interview killer habit.

You may have the right answers to the interview questions being asked and have successfully shared why you are very much ‘the preferred candidate’, but if you continually interrupt the recruiter/hiring manager they may view this as a trait that will continue during your employment.

Keep your thoughts and conversations neutral

5 ) Saying ‘It’s in the resume’

Hiring Managers/Recruiters are experienced interviewers and there’s always a reason why they are asking you questions that are very clear and evident on your resume.

If an interviewer asks you something that is contained on the documentation you have provided, don’t say ‘It’s in the resume’ because it’s impolite and rude to do this. The interviewer is often questioning the obvious to prompt you for further information. They may be thinking of putting you in a different position or even in a higher position so don’t kill your job interview by saying responding in such a way.

6 ) Ignoring your non-verbal communication

There’s more to it than meets the – ear!

Remember, half of the battle during an interview is impressing the hiring managers with your skills and experiences, and additionally your nonverbal language. Your body language is equally as important as your questions answered during a job interview. Failure to make eye contact, lack of smile, crossing arms, bad posture, and a weak handshake are just some of the nonverbal mistakes that a candidate could be doing which kills a job interview.

Survey shows that 67% of bosses say that failure to make eye contact is a common non-verbal mistake. Maintaining direct eye contact shows that you are interested in what the interviewer is saying, and this leaves a good impression.

And remember to be culturally appropriate as well. Not all non-verbal communication means the same. Many of our jobs are now crossing borders.

An interview is a time to put your best foot forward. Always remember to walk into the interview with a mix of confidence and humility, smile, look prepared, and stay positive. Keep in mind the habits to avoid, in order to increase your chances of getting an interview callback, and ideally landing your dream role.

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