Clients looking for skilled talent to fulfill specific appointments (especially mining jobs and other jobs in the resources sector) and candidates looking to uncover their next career opportunity. THE Resources HUB is a Business Consultancy All About PEOPLE…

THE rh is the ‘central hub’ for both clients and candidates in regards to all employment and careers information for the resources sectors, predominantly mining, construction and the oil and gas industries.* We are a recruitment agency based in Western Australia catering to career seekers who are looking for mining employment opportunities.

‘We assist people in career development and employment opportunities in the resources sector. We have a wide network of clients providing mining jobs and other mining employment opportunities awaiting those who are looking for jobs. Also, we assist small to medium businesses with recruitment, talent management, HR, industrial relations, employee relations, OHS etc.’.

Dani Tamati; Recruitment Specialist, HR manager, Careers Practitioner, OHS advisor, Mentor, Director, FIFO wife, Mum of four… possibly superwoman, shares her experience of starting up THE resources HUB.


At the age of 21 Dani began working FIFO at a goldmine in the Pilbara; she left for a while before returning in 1998 and by 1999 had found her calling in recruitment.

On entering into recruitment Dani explains ‘if it wasn’t for the foresight of my original recruitment employer 14 years ago I would never have become a recruitment consultant with a young child who was six months old working from home because that was just never really an option. Due to my circumstances living in a mining town, I was granted this amazing opportunity and I grabbed it with both hands, and that’s what started me off on my career’.

Setting up the mining and resources division for an international recruitment company Dani found herself travelling away from home every couple of weeks having to leave her family behind, with her husband just having started in a FIFO role and it was a constant struggle to juggle work and family.

‘I was leaving home at 6:30 in the morning and getting home at 6:30-7:00 at night and having to do normal mum stuff like homework and housework and that sort of thing and I just thought there’s got to be a better life than this’. This was one of Dani’s main motivations to start up her own company which was only made stronger when her daughter said to her ‘mum you’re one of only three mums that I can think of that’s never at assembly, you’re always so busy working and I just really want you to be at home and I really want you to be at my assembly’s and come to my sports carnivals’.

Dani knew that it was time for a change and after a lot of planning and hard work in November 2012 she started THE resources HUB.

The company was something that she wanted to do for a long time and with the support of her husband and four children, along with the rest of her family and some great friends, she knew she could.

‘Having setup the mining and resources division for an international recruitment company I knew that I was doing that on the back of my expertise and experience, and the fact the I’d lived in the Pilbara, the fact that I’d worked on site, so having done it for them, I thought I may as well do it for myself’.

Dani could see that ‘there was a real niche market to creating a central hub for people to go to; for not only clients but also candidates, people that were struggling because the industry had started to take a dip at that stage’. She wanted to provide ‘somewhere for people to go if they needed assistance, if they wanted to find a job, or if clients were getting anxious with trying to find the right people’.

Having worked at larger companies Dani knew that she wanted THE resources HUB to operate differently.

‘I didn’t find, having worked at a big corporate agency, that there was a whole lot of love there. The teamwork wasn’t there, my whole ethos behind THE resources HUB is that anybody who contacts us gets notification that we’ve accepted their CV; we’ll talk to them on the phone or email them, we try to give out as much advice as we possibly can to assist them with their career choices’.

‘A lot of the time recruitment is based purely on clients and not much emphasis is given to candidates, and I am a firm believer that it’s important to show as much enthusiasm for both because you can’t have a client without having a candidate, you can’t have a candidate without having a client’s job’.

Search job opportunities

So what is the key to the success of THE resources HUB? Dani speaks of support and hard work but she attributes the company’s ongoing triumphs to experience and preparation.

‘When clients speak about jobs especially in mining and construction I have a really good understanding because I’ve worked on site in those two particular parts of the industry, when people speak to me about a geo-technical engineer for example I know what they need. I have a lot of friends and people that I can go to within the industry to say look I’ve got a job coming in do you know of somebody that might be ideal’. Since starting the business I have only ever placed one add on SEEK – most candidates are through referrals and my network.

‘I spent the first eight months of being in my business setting up systems, investing in databases, just making sure that I was positioned ready to get going when the industry turns, and that I had all the elements to make it successful consultancy’.

Having started such an effective company and operating it in such a positive way many people started to notice that Dani had a lot to offer. She has been asked to speak at many events to share her experiences and advice. Like for most people the first time Dani had to address a crowd it was quite daunting.

‘I was so nervous and I said to them “this is my first opportunity at public speaking and as good people will tell you, when you get nervous you have to pretend that everyone in the rooms naked so I’m just pretending that you’re all naked”.’

With tough competition many jobseekers are struggling to find work at the moment, and it is not necessarily because they lack the skills or the experience, Dani speaks about what could be hindering their success.

‘A lot of people are finding it difficult because they are up against a lot of competition, when we read CVs us Recruiters are really very fussy because as we have to present that candidate to our client, and if they’re not targeting the key words that we’ve put in our job ads or whatever it might be then they’ll get put into the thanks but no thanks pile’.

Networking, Job Hunting and Being on Top

THE resources HUB is there to provide candidates with support, and can help with things like Career Coaching, CVs and LinkedIn profiling and application letters.

‘The frustration of people being out of work for so long is also cause for concern but the premise here is that we try and guide people, if they’ve come from a different industry or say a similar industry but they’re looking into getting into a different role then we can career coach them and offer them suggestions on upskilling and training’.

THE resources HUB is aligned with registered training organisations and can cross-refer candidates to those organisations so they are obtaining the right skills for their careers.

So what does the future look like for THE resources HUB and Dani Tamati?

Dani is ‘looking at branching out to capital cities, extending the career development side of things, running webinars, engaging people on a national basis, bringing people into the business that might need flexible working arrangements, for example allowing mums to bring bub into work’.

While Dani has big plans for her business she doesn’t want it to fall into the trap of generalist agencies.

‘I want to keep the personable approach within THE resources HUB; I really want to target experienced people coming into the business and assisting it to grow and prosper, w host offering them a career opportunity also – people that have worked in mining or worked in the resources sector, are career development professionals or have experience in HR and Recruitment ’.

Passionate about women feeling confident in the workplace, Dani was a contractor through each and every pregnancy, never once taking maternity leave. She has put this passion into building a new business called Resourceful Women, that aims to ‘engage, encourage, empower and employ’ women to return to the workforce which is planned to launch in February 2015.

New wave women: young females in mining and construction

‘When I moved down from the Pilbara I met so many lovely ladies in my new group of friends that had lost their confidence to return to the workforce. They pretty much left their careers behind to have babies or look after and care for family members and they just didn’t think that their skills were up there to re-enter’.

Speaking to a friend that has been in her job for just under a year, Dani realised that despite doing a fantastic job she was still anxious and nervous about re-entering the workforce. It’s for women like this that Dani wants to create Resourceful Women.

‘It’s about gaining confidence and empowering those women to feel confident to re-enter as it is quite a daunting process for the last however many years that women have been a mum or been a carer for, these talented ladies have gained skills within that time frame as well, and it takes just a little bit of encouragement and support for those women to jump on board and away they go’.

Keep an eye out for Dani’s new project Resourceful Women.
by Sarah Frendo

dani-aus-mining-award-nov-2016Dani Tamati – (MRCSA) (CDAA – Member) – dip HR │dip OHS is a Resource Industry Recruitment, Careers, Talent and Behaviours Strategist, Outplacement Consultant, Diversity Advocate, Mentor, Principal, Keynote Speaker, FIFO Wife and a Mum of 4

Dani established the nationally recognised, multi-award winning consultancy “THE resources HUB” (THErh) in 2012 as a careers, talent, recruitment and managed services company dedicated to the sector including civil, construction, mining and oil and gas; herself having 23 years experience in living, working, recruiting and career coaching in this industry.

Dani is regularly in the Media and has recently been interviewed on ABC Nationwide, Today Tonight, Channel 9 News, The Sunday Times, Perth NOW and on ABC Drive National Radio and is often called as a Keynote Speaker around career development and the employment landscape at present.

THE resources HUB can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter and our website or phone us on 08 9295 5722 or 0499 841 722.

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