Why Outplacement IS An Important Consideration for Companies At Time Of Redundancies?

There is never an ideal time for a business to make the crucial and often painful decision of letting valued employees go; whether it is due to budget cuts, industry downturns and a wavering economy or that at the time it just makes better business sense to do so as overheads are increasing, and so are the profit margins.

And the decision to make redundancies is often personally felt by those instigating the ‘don’t come Monday’ message. Then there is the wave of emotions that the person being made redundant will be feeling during this often unnerving process, which brings me to my thoughts on Why Outplacement Makes Good Business Sense?

Here are my top tips for businesses to consider

  • BRAND – How your business manages restructures and redundancies can be the difference between a great company reputation and a bad company reputation through an often negative process!

Brand is everything in today’s world and there is no faster way to have it tarnished than by an employee scorned! It also suggests to those being made redundant (and even existing employees) that the company has a dedicated commitment ensuring individuals are better placed and can find alternative and meaningful employment as soon as is possible. It promotes a positive image in the eyes of many, and provides employees with support, guidance and a professional ear to listen to when considering their next career move. It does better for the individual as well as the business to be seen in doing ‘the right thing’.

  • RELATIONS – No matter what the outcome when companies make such decisions, displaced employees have without doubt contributed to the success of the organisation in one form or another. There was a reason for them being interviewed and employed by the company in the first place right? So by engaging Outplacement services, the company is likely to maintain strong relationships with their previous employees and this, in turn, offers a more positive approach for the individuals, than if they were just having to ‘find their own way’.
  • MORALE – Redundancies often has a dramatic effect on those ‘left behind’. Many employees who survive the downsizing of a business often wonder ‘why wasn’t it my turn’ ‘when will it be my turn’ and ‘what does my job security and future look like right now’?

By offering Outplacement support to those who have been advised of their final days, the employer that cares enough to engage Specialists to help with the individuals Career Transition sends an influential message to those remaining that they too will be offered solutions to assist if need be and that the company generally cares for the likelihood and employability of their previous employees.

  • MANAGE – With previous employees now on the ‘job search merry-go-round’, Outplacement services helps individuals manage the process and the emotions that go with being made redundant; especially in this current market when there is often so many people in the same or similar situation.

Outplacement services to individuals often include –

  • Career Documents – how to ensure they have well-written CV’s /Resumes to have them better placed for shortlisting through the Recruitment process
  • Job Search Skills – how to find employment through online portals and through Social Media platforms and what the ‘new norm’ for Recruitment looks like
  • LinkedIn Profiles – What is LinkedIn, how to set up an account, optimising the individual’s profile with keywords and how to use the platform for employment purposes
  • Benchmarking Trends – Career Consultants and Outplacement Specialists often have insightful knowledge of current and future industry career trends
  • Interviews – Interview Preparation and Technique Training sessions
  • Networking – how to Network successfully and feel confident in doing so!
  • Emotional Support – Through coaching and support during the process, a Careers Practitioner/Counsellor supports the individual and they can disclose their personal feelings and concerns while having an industry expert guide and advise then through that process

These are just some of the many services offered by Outplacement providers, and often the services are tailored to the individual and their personal circumstances.

So by offering this snippet into the benefits for Outplacement, I am certain you can see why this and Career Transition services offers both a practical and personal approach to individuals, and a ‘right thing to do’ by the company whilst offering their redundant employees more confidence and to be geared up and ready for their new career move.

Dani Tamati – (MRCSA) (CDAA – member) – dip HR │dip OHS is a Resource Industry Recruitment Specialist, Careers Practitioner, Diversity Advocate, Mentor, Principal, FIFO Wife and a Mum of 4

Dani established “THE resources HUB” (THErh) in 2012 as a careers, talent, recruitment and managed services company dedicated to the resources industries including civil, construction, mining and oil and gas; herself having 22 years experience in living, working, recruiting and career coaching in the sector. THE resources HUB can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and our website www.therh.com.au or phone us on 08 9295 5722 or 0499 841 722

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