My methodology of recruitment is probably quite different to others in my industry. Born about by 23 years of resource industry experience and an extensive network, it isn’t all that often I need, or to be honest want to ‘advertise’ for a role that hits my desk on a jobs board. And I am quite proud of that way of working and the difference we offer when sourcing talent for our clients. I am truly happy to share how Technology is Disrupting the Dynamics of Job Opportunities & Applications.

But yesterday another little surprise, a little ‘disruption’ to my ‘normal’ world happened….. Was it coincidence or merely good luck! I am still unsure, but I am going to share with you exactly what that looked like. And how I think it may become the ‘new norm’ especially for those ready to embrace technology on a whole new level when it comes to applying for job roles.

I am sure many of you, like me, have a Social Media account of some sort (or several). Whether that is Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Google +, Reddit or Snap Chat (the list goes on) we engage in content information and sharing, witness family get-togethers, celebrate friends milestones and generally ‘put our lives out there’ for the world to see (or those in the world we want to let in).

So, getting back to yesterday and my ‘aha’ moment. With a personal career client list ranging in ages from 13 through to 69 (I kid you not – and he found a new job within two weeks of working with me), I am having to adapt to a new way of working with some clients. Especially those in the younger age bracket, four of whom live under my very own roof! Yesterday I met with a gorgeous young man who I have known for some months now and who wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do once he ‘grew up.’ He has many interests, all very diverse and most could be a great career move for him should he choose. So when he got in contact with me this week to catch up, it was about a role in a ‘funky’ Perth-based store that offers more than just streetwear brands, they also have internal Barber shops, and my client truly believes this is where he wants to BE!! And to be honest, he will suit working in such an environment. I assumed (as you would) he had seen it advertised on a Jobs Board. How wrong I was! So how did he come to know about this opportunity, and this is where it gets interesting, Through Snap Chat!!!

Now I had known for a while that some businesses were advertising their products on Snap Chat (don’t ask me if I know how to use it. Most weeks I have to get my 12-year-old daughter to teach me, and I still can’t work it out properly for me personally, let alone use it in my business). So will this be the new norm for job applications and opportunities – How Technology is Disrupting the Dynamics of Job Opportunities & Application?

Well, I think it makes perfect sense. The process I discovered yesterday goes a little like this ….a Hiring Manager/Recruiter posts a video (we are all use to seeing numerous videos these days through our ‘feeds’) asks those in their ‘network’ if they are keen to become a new member of their awesome ‘crew’, the candidate/interested individual posts a video of themselves and explains to their potential new Employer why they are keen to be a crew member and also gets to send in a CV and Cover Letter and ‘da da’… almost half of the recruitment process is already complete! And the best bit is it is FREE!!

I can see how this process will benefit those who embrace this technology and social media platforms in particular for this purpose, and I think more and more companies will too, especially SME’s who needs to watch every penny they spend! I just hope I get to understand the basics before I give it a red hot GO! And that the lingo comes with it! Hope you find this blog about How Technology is Disrupting the Dynamics of Job Opportunities & Application very useful

Technology is Disrupting the Dynamics of Job Opportunities & ApplicationDani Tamati – (MRCSA) (CDAA – Member) – dip HR │dip OHS is a Resource Industry Recruitment, Careers, Talent and Behaviours Strategist, Outplacement Consultant, Diversity Advocate, Mentor, Principal, Keynote Speaker, FIFO Wife and a Mum of 4

Dani established the nationally recognised, multi-award winning consultancy “THE resources HUB” (THErh) in 2012 as a careers, talent, recruitment and managed services company dedicated to the sector including civil, construction, mining and oil and gas; herself having 23 years experience in living, working, recruiting and career coaching in this industry.

Dani is regularly in the Media and has recently been interviewed on ABC Nationwide, Today Tonight, Channel 9 News, The Sunday Times, Perth NOW and on ABC Drive National Radio and is often called as a Keynote Speaker around career development and the employment landscape at present.

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