THE resources HUB’s team assists people with employment opportunities and career advancement. Our years of recruitment experience gained us a wide network within the resources sector, enabling us to connect the right mining talent to an organisation.
Among our mining talents include but not limited to the following:
Boilermakers, Mechanical Fitters, Hydrogeologists, Geologists, Heavy Duty Diesel Fitters, Auto Electricians, Field Technicians, Excavator Operators, Rigger, Civil Operators, Hydraulic Fitter, Trade Assistants, Fabricator, Mobile Plant Operator, Bookkeeper, Accountant, Administrator, Mobile Equipment Planner, Fixed Plant Serviceman, Safety and Leadership Coach, Tyre Fitters, Manufacturer/Assembler, etc.
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As an expert in recruitment and careers within the mining industry, we have reliable and great insights on mining careers specifically in having a successful recruitment process and career advancement.
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One must not forget that the sourcing of candidates are also done online, hence, optimising your linkedin profile is essential in finding a job.
THErh also offers advice in up-skilling from previous career paths through career coaching, as well as presenting industry employees options to progress within their chosen career path. If you feel lost in your career and need some directions, our team of experts can assist you in determining the kind of job that suits you.   
Career Coaching is your answer! 
Career coaching could well be the difference between staying in a job you don’t like that doesn’t allow you to use your core strengths or being out of work and securing your dream job.
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