Do you know your purpose? 
Do you feel lost and need some Career Clarity?
Are you thinking about a Career Transition?
THE resources HUB’s team assists people with employment and career advancement by offering advice in up-skilling from previous career paths through career coaching, as well as presenting industry employees options to progress within their chosen career path

Career Coaching is your answer! 

As a dedicated Careers, Talent and Recruitment consultancy working predominately within the resources sector, THE resources HUB is able to offer individual clients comprehensive and complete understanding of career pathways suitable to their distinct needs.  It starts with career coaching, providing you with incredible clarity and confidence with your career moving forward.
This combined with quality designed and targeted career documentation through THErh allows our clients to have a greater competitive edge when applying for their next employment opportunity.
We source and advise the necessary training you need to assist in new career advancement opportunities within the sectors. 
With our recent introduction of the Harrison Assessments Career Navigator System (CNS), the world’s most technologically advanced career and self exploration platform, our Career Coaches and Counsellors can guide and mentor you through your career journey;

we can assist with decisions concerning your future career, prospective job opportunities and your individual personal growth.  Career coaching is an important service we provide to individuals and organisations starting with school age children right through to top level companies.

We are able to provide CV’s and supporting employment documentation that will communicate your strengths and outline and promote your experience to the Recruiter / Hiring Manager, for the role you want!

Career coaching could well be the difference between staying in a job you don’t like that doesn’t allow you to use your core strengths or being out of work and securing your dream job

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