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THE resources HUB

Is a business consultancy all about PEOPLE ….. clients looking for skilled talent to fulfil specific appointments and candidates looking to uncover their next career opportunity.

THErh is the ‘central hub’ for both clients and candidates in regards to all employment and careers information for the resources sectors, predominately civil, construction, mining and the oil and gas industries.

Why choose THErh 

Our team has first hand industry experience and expertise, we offer a personalised service with a tailor made approach!

THErh Difference


THE resources HUB’s team assists people with employment and career advancement by offering advice in up-skilling from previous career paths, as well as presenting industry employees options to progress within their chosen career path. 

We are well known as the premier Resources Sector recruitment specialists in Perth and across WA but in reality if you are looking for support with employment, career advancement and more please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information about our services.


Attract | Recruit | Induct | Engage | Develop | Retain | Release

Talent and Readiness Drives Business Results – Harrison Assessments Talent readiness System enables you to fully engage your employees through integrated career and succession planning whilst providing comprehensive decision analytics to manage your qualified talent pools.


At THE resources HUB we offer our clients comprehensive and collaborative recruitment and employment solutions to ensure that they are able to maintain focus on their business’s core competencies and deliverables.

By customising the approach between our business and theirs, THE rh can implement a range of employment and recruitment strategies for our clients based on their company requirements.

These strategies include an extensive suite in generalist recruitment services through to outsourcing options, as well as true HR, career development and employee engagement options.  While we are Resources Sector recruitment specialists we are also able to provide general recruitment services for our clients.


Consult | Communicate | Collaborate | Contribute

Due to our extensive industry expertise THErh is able to assist individuals with targeted career documentation and advice in order to apply, interview and ultimately achieve their career prospects, as well as support our clients’ businesses in ensuring a continuous complimented and engaged workforce.

As Resources Sector recruitment specialists we work with individuals who are seeking employment in this area and beyond.

In The Media

Hear from Dani Tamati, founder of The resources Hub on Channel 9 News

BOOM BUSTWA's economy is under mounting pressure and the mining slump isn't just impacting FIFO workers. It's having a negative effect on other industries too, but there are ways to survive the bust. Visit www.redundancyrescue.com.au for more information.

Posted by 9 News Perth on Tuesday, 21 April 2015
WOW 2 years have flown by!! Catch Dani Tamati interview from 2...

WOW 2 years have flown by!! Catch Dani Tamati interview from 2015 from THE resources HUB on 9 News Perth!

Posted by The Resources Hub on Thursday, 20 April 2017
WOW 2 years have flown by!! Catch Dani Tamati interview from 2...

WOW 2 years have flown by!! Catch Dani Tamati interview from 2015 from THE resources HUB on 9 News Perth!

Posted by The Resources Hub on Thursday, 20 April 2017

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“”Dear Dani, Thank you very much for a most valuable, interesting and enjoyable presentation to our Business students at Midland campus. All the students really appreciated the personal and professional insights you gave to how you have worked to set up The Resources Hub business and how the recruitment, selection and induction process works as your core business.

I am sure you have inspired many of the students after your presentation today as some of them do want to start up their own small business. The real life information you described of how you juggled and managed both home and work life AND managed to create the fantastic business you have today was very much valued! It was so interesting to hear some examples of how the mining resources sector operates with regard to recruitment and how strong the networks are, this was very insightful.

I am sure the students will contact you in the future as they start looking for a job or would like some personal career advice.

I am very interested in the Harrison assessment tool you describe and will catch up with you at a later time so you can show me how this works – I really like the psychology side of things J

All in all, what a fantastic contribution you have made for our students today! They are aware of the current industry trends and digital methods that work really well for recruitment and selection and interesting that you do not use SEEK.

We also appreciate your willingness to present to other students in the future, thank you so much Dani. I hope to see you again in the near future. – Josie Daniele – North Metropolitan TAFE Head of Programs, May 2017

“”I was introduced and was highly recommended to speak with Dani, from “The Resources Hub” to assist in updating my CV and LinkedIn Profile. I found Dani to be extremely professional, and helpful, even to the point of working on her time off to finish my Profile and CV. I could not be happier with the outcome. Dani added strategic keywords for search optimization which has increased my Profile immensely within my field. By doing so my LinkedIn profile has provided me with extra contacts and opportunities. I have no hesitation to recommend individuals to utilise the services offered by Dani. Dani is an amazing woman and has a wealth of industry experience, knowledge and contacts. Thanks Dani! – Paul O’Callghan – Construction Industry Health and Safety Manager, March 2017

“Whilst seeking someone to help refresh my CV and LinkedIn profile I was recommended Dani, of The Resources Hub. From day one and my initial contact, I have found Dani to be extremely professional, helpful and thorough and could not be happier with the outcome. My LinkedIn profile has provided me with a plethora of new contacts and opportunities. Dani has also helped me immensely in providing career advice which I have no doubt has contributed to where I am today. I have no hesitation and have done on many occasions recommended individuals to utilise the services offered by Dani. Dani is an amazing woman and has a wealth of industry experience, knowledge and contacts. Although we have never met face to face, the level of engagement and energy Dani provides has allowed me to call her a friend and mentor. Thanks Dani” – Chris, Scaffold Industry Specialist / Global Executive Manager, January 2017

“Dani I just wanted to say thanks for all your help – I’m sure your CV and Linked in updates helped me to get both of the jobs I was applying for!! Dani helped me with my CV and LinkedIn profile. She did two versions of my CV, as I was applying for two quite different jobs. I ended up getting both! I found Dani extremely easy to deal with; she was punctual, professional and really listened to what I wanted. She was absolutely instrumental in me getting my dream job. Thanks Dani!” – Rebecca, Trainee Process Operator – Woodside, January 2017

“Dani Delivers!!! With my resume having not been updated in over twenty years I gave Dani the task. I was progressed to the next round in the recruitment process, I attribute this entirely to the professional resume Dani provided matched to what todays recruiters want. All this achieved to meet a forty eight hour deadline. If you are looking for an “unique advantage” I recommend partnering with Dani, her industry knowledge, attentiveness to my needs and the priority she gave me on learning about the timeframe equals five star customer service.” – Alana, September 2016

“It had been a long time since I needed to put together a formal application and resume for a job, as I had been in my state government position for over 15 years. So when I decided on a career change and needed to update my resume and answer selection criteria questions, Dani from THE resources HUB was the person I knew I had to speak to. She gave me excellent advice on how best to set out my resume and answer the questions, to ensure my application was shortlisted and therefore seeing me through to the various other stages of the recruitment process. I’m very pleased to say that out of over 8000 applicants nationally, I was one of the select few to be offered a position. I have no doubt that Dani’s help in the early stages, and support throughout the entire process, helped me secure my new career and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks Dani and THE resources HUB’s Team!!!” – Dana, September 2016

“I was really struggling in the downturn to find Rigging work. I found THE resources HUB on gumtree and had Dani weave her magic on my resume. Dani, although a busy lady with her children, a career and being a spokeswoman for Woman in Mining, always had time for my questions which proved to be very helpful. I am now in my final stage of recruitment for my dream job which I was chosen from 100’s of applicants which I owe entirely to Dani and THE resources HUB. It really is a small fee for the results and feedback I have got. Well worth every penny! Cheers Dani” – Seann, Rigger/Scaffolder, November 2013

“Thanks so much Dani and THErh for your support and expert advice on tailoring my resume to best highlight my skills and experience. Your advice was invaluable and helped me land an interview and, ultimately, my dream job the very first time I used the updated resume. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend THErh to anyone who is interested in expert, individually tailored advice from someone who genuinely cares about helping people advance in their careers.” – Adrienne – Senior OHS Advisor, October 2013