We are able to provide personal clients individual employee branding , so that you become aware of your hidden skills and potential, to ensure your new career opportunity is exactly where you want to be


First impressions count… our team of graphic artists and marketing experts assist your SME’s in branding as a compliment to the industry.BRANDING

Company branding and advertising including logo creation, website design, online social media presence, targeted audience promotion and enterprise marketing.

Our design team knows how important it is to succeed in branding. 

Your brand resides in the minds of customers, clients, and prospects. Your first impression counts and needs to be memorable.

In our extremely competitive climate a strong brand is valuable in making you stand out amongst the masses. So with this in mind you need to be clear in what you represent.

At THE resources HUB we specialise in understanding our client’s needs, working out what your core message is and creating something that is unique to you.

With over 20 years design experience, you can trust that we can create a foundational piece in your marketing communication and one you can not afford to be without.