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Talent and Readiness Drive Business Results – Harrison Assessments Talent Readiness System enables you to engage your employees through integrated career and succession planning fully while providing comprehensive decision analytics to manage your qualified talent pools.  

Every person’s career develops differently. By utilising the ’employment life cycle’ approach THE resources HUB educates companies in understanding the importance of attracting the right employees, the training required in assisting them with their career development, how to engage and therefore retain a dedicated workforce within their business, and what outcomes you can gain from exit interviews.  

To find out more about Harrison Assessments, our specialised, professional behavioural profiling tool designed to give you the information you need to hire the right people for your role click here.

We assist businesses with the following Human Resources, Engagement and Employment solutions: 

  • Talent outsourcing and recruitment solutions  Harrison Assessments | Hire The Right People | Recruitment Perth

  • Complete Outplacement solutions complementing our industry

  • Human resource functionalities including OHS, workers compensation, industrial and employee relations

  • Workforce planning training, learning and development plans

  • Flexible workforce solutions

  • Employee retention strategies

  • Indigenous employment strategies

  • Company-specific ’employment Induction’ design and implementation

  • Change, communication and conflict management solutions

  • Employee contract agreement preparation

  • Benchmarking employee performance and KPI’s

  • Operative appraisals and exit interviews

  • In house HRIS and HRM auditing

  • Company policy and procedure formation

  • Contractor management

  • Employee career planning 

  • Employee succession planning 

  • Employee talent readiness

  • Talent selection

  • Talent development

  • Talent engagement 

  • Strategic talent recruitment

  • Recruitment screening


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