Journalists and the media in general often call on the expertise of Dani Tamati from THE resources HUB where she offers her insight into industry employment trends and career advice in this extremely tough jobs market. How to better place yourself for employment and where to seek roles other than on jobs boards.

Interview with FIFO Focus and Red FM

“As you would now be aware, this week is shout-out week. We have been posting REDFM interviews with Friends of FIFO Focus, the owners of businesses and providers of products that support our FIFO community. Today, we showcase the interview with Dani from The Resouces Hub. When times are tough and people are released from their roles, you go to Dani for her award winning Redundancy Rescue program. When things pick up again, you equally go to Dani to skill you up for the application and selection process. Take some time to listen to this interview. You won’t regret it!”– by Fifo Focus, December 2016

The Australian: Lights dim out west as WA economy 

Dani Tamati runs The Resources Hub, a Perth recruitment ­company that has a special “redundancy rescue” program aimed at helping resources workers who have been laid off to deal with the emotional and financial shock.

“We are trying to help them through that process,” she says. “Some of them are selling houses and pulling kids out of school and selling toys.”

But Tamati says the recruitment side of her business is slow this year.

“People are applying for up to 600 jobs and they’re getting frustrated because they’re not even hearing back from recruiters,” she says. – by The Australian, December 2016

North Metropolitan TAFE 2016

Dani has been a regular Keynote Speaker for the past 3 years, this year at NMTAFE for the students Career Conference – Hire ME, November 2016

Dare to Flourish: Creating a Heart-Centred Business in the Resources Sector with Dani Tamati

Creating a heart-centred business in the Resources Sector whilst being a mama to 4 and a FIFO wife with Dani Tamati

In this episode you’ll hear how Dani (who was once called the Pilbara Princess):

  • created her business in her shed,
  • how she has grown that business using the power of word of mouth and utilising social media to the best of her ability,
  • how running her own business has enabled her to be there for her kids and to give back to her community and
  • how her love of helping people has helped her to have a big impact in this sector whilst developing new friendships and connections.

In Dani’s words, if you want to make a difference, you have to pick up your big girl panties!

Dani is a Resource Industry recruitment specialist, careers practitioner, HR manager, OHS advisor, a mentor and the the founder of the The Resources Hub – a careers, talent and recruitment company dedicated to the resources industries including civil, construction, mining and oil and gas.

Dani has been interviewed and appeared on ABC Nationwide, Today Tonight and Channel 9, Sunday Times, Perth NOW and is a regular on ABC Drive National radio and I am honoured and very grateful for her time in talking to me. She is also a winner in the 2016 AND 2015 Top 100 Influential Person of the Year. – by Dare to Flourish, August 2016


PerthNow Sunday Times: Four out of five WA mums return to work after having child making it highest rate in Australia


Dani Tamati with Sienna (11) and Kale (10)

Mum of four and entrepreneur Dani Tamati’s career in the resources industry dates back more than two decades.

From her first fly-in, fly-out job at Bamboo Creek near Marble Bar to starting her own business in resources recruitment, she has always been determined to simultaneously progress her career and raise her children.

“I’ve always worked when I’ve had my kids,” she said.

“My parents were quite ahead of the times in that regard because my mum worked too and I admired her for it.”

Having spent years working on site for mining companies, Ms Tamati is now the “go to girl” for resources sector recruitment through her business The Resources Hub.

She plans to launch her other business, Resourceful Women, later this year.

“It’s aimed at helping women get back to the workforce after having kids because a lot of them don’t know how to get back in.” – by PerthNow Sunday Times, May 2016

Weekend Notes: Passionate People – Book Launch

Dani Tamati, owner of The Resources Hub, said “It is great to be invited to be apart of a collaborative project to showcase Perth business people and entrepreneurs especially with such diversity” – by Weekend Notes, November 2015

ABC News: Businesses helping people deal with financial shock

Dani Tamati runs The Resources Hub, helping resource workers who have been made redundant deal with the emotional and financial shock, and find a new job.

“It’s amazingly competitive. We’ve got clients that have applied for 600 roles in the last year and still can’t get back into the industry,” Ms Tamati said.

Nicole Ashby formed FIFO Families to help people deal with the pressures of long-distance work.

Christine Ross, sitting in an armchair at her home, was paid well in the mining sector.
PHOTO: “You couldn’t beat the resources sector, we were paid extremely well,” Christine Ross says. (ABC News: Nicolas Perpitch)
But her role is changing. She is now also being asked to help find financial councillors and recruitment agencies for nervous FIFO workers scared of losing their jobs and people recently laid off.

“We are very passionate about saying to people this may not be a long-term thing, make the most of it, make sure you speak to a financial advisor, talk to your partner, set goals, and be realistic about it,” Ms Ashby said.

Some, like Christine Ross, who was made redundant from a mining job as an Indigenous relations manager earlier this year, is making the difficult adjustment to that new reality.

“The champagne lifestyle. You couldn’t beat the resources sector, we were paid extremely well,” Ms Ross said.

She has set up her own consultancy business to try and stay afloat, and also organises a conference for Indigenous people in the resources sector.

“This year, given that a lot of our people had lost their jobs, the whole focus of the conference was how do you survive redundancy, what do you need to do,” she said.

“How do you update your resume, where do you need to post it, how do you promote yourself?

“And then it’s all about being able to get back on the horse and go for interviews again.” – by ABC News, November 2015