getting into fifo

Getting Into FIFO

EVENT DATE: May 28, 2018

The market is turning and getting into FIFO will become more competitive as we continue to ramp up. So what do you need to know and what do you need to do to get into this game?

This already well-attended workshop will be run by the multi-award winning mining and resources careers and recruitment expert, Dani Tamati from THE resources HUB who will share her wisdom and 24 years of experience in this space.

At the end of this interactive workshop, you will:
* know what jobs are likely to be around for some time
* know what basic training you need to set you apart from the competition
* know how to target your CV in a way that data mining software loves
* be given a list of job sites that is more effective than just using Seek
* learn how to maximise your potential in being discovered for opportunities through alternative platforms.

If you want to know more before committing, feel free to email Dani at: or connect with her on LinkedIn. The room has limited seating so we don’t want you to miss out.

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is fifo for you

Is FIFO For You?

EVENT DATE: May 23, 2018

So, you are serious about getting into FIFO. There are some undeniable benefits of doing FIFO, like the opportunity to set your financial future, to develop skills in an industry that will likely be around forever, and in many instances, being able to spend quality time with your kids if you have the right roster. Despite these benefits, there are some significant challenges such as strains on relationships, not being able to attend special events or witness milestones in your children, and an increased risk of deterioration to your physical and mental health.

This workshop will provide you with knowledge so you can enter this lifestyle with your eyes wide open. At the end of this interactive workshop, you will be fully aware of:
* The very real challenges of this FIFO life
* Be aware of what you can do to ensure you leverage your new financial position
* Ways in which to keep your relationship alive, and family thriving
* Tools to maintain your greatest asset, your physical and mental health.

We highly recommend you bring your partner to this workshop. The success of your FIFO lifestyle rests on your ability to work as a team and that starts with both of you being on the same page.

One of the presenters of this workshops is Sandra Lam, the Principal Psychologist of FIFO Focus. Sandra and her team have a weekly segment on REDFM’s FIFO Life program providing tips and advice to FIFO workers and their families to make this lifestyle healthy and meaningful. REDFM is the main radio station to the mine sites in Western Australia.

Co-presenting will be Dani Tamati, the Director the Resources Hub. Dani is as an award-winning, high profile Recruitment, Career Development, Human Resources and OHS professional and has remained involved with, and employed by this industry for the past 24 years as a FIFO worker, FIFO wife, and service provider.

If you want to know more before committing, feel free to email Sandra ( or Dani ( Please don’t take too long though. There is limited seating at the venue so we don’t want you to miss out. This workshop will be popular.

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