Happy International Women’s Day!
** Heads Up** not a normal Blog by Moi!

So please continue if the title grabbed your attention! I so hope so does the script!

YAY…….…Yay, Yay, Yay that once again ‘International Women’s Day’ has fallen upon us … one of my most favourite days of the YEAR and one for us ALL to celebrate (man or woman)!! And just FYI for me personally, it is not just because ‘I am Woman, Hear Me Roar’ that I celebrate this collective…..Thanks Helen ‘Love Ya Guts’ for instilling the words but you will most likely hear me scream at my kids not necessarily ROAR.. ask all those that know me well. (YES I am keeping it real and they will divulge)! NO …. NO the very reason I celebrate this fabulous day is to those women who have (and continue) to inspire, support, guide, mentor and engage me personally … and that I ensure I continue to have the self-belief that ‘YUP – we can have our ‘cake and eat it too! Sorry CHIPS!!

So ME …for those of you who haven’t read my extensive Bio or listened to my numerous Interviews in the Media **joking** not joking, I was interviewed just yesterday on ABC Drive …… I can confirm that I have four delicious Cherubs who other than my ‘day job’ (not quite sure what that looks like in its entirety) I love and adore immensely (I am not alone … the Darling that works away loves them equally, I think) …… they really are our WORLD (so are my extended family members but that is a whole different topic) …. I LOVE them especially when they clean up after themselves and do as they are asked….who doesn’t ….. Hmmmm ….Hence that doesn’t often happen without monetary value being on offer so I am a ‘Grumpy Mumma’ all day, every day trying to ‘keep it real’… a lot more often that I would like!!

So for those who aren’t privy to my WORLD – FYI our TRIBE is made up of 6 Tamati’s – 2 almost adults and 4 kidlets …. our eldest who is just about to turn 17 and ‘to gain his driver’s licence’ (am I scared … I am freaking paranoid), a 14 year old ‘Fabio’ who has an incredible innate ability to just ‘be’ (and BE rather gorgeous), a deliciously strong, independent and thoroughly giving 11 Year old Princess (PRINCESS who does Boy stuff – she has too…. But a Princess all the same), and a 10 year old that needs a tad of ‘attitude realignment’ right this minute but all in all is an truly gorgeous Allrounder – Footy Star, Musician, he is clever, witty and rather deliciously CUTE – he has to be (really) he is officially the BABY!! So all in all ….. LIFE IS GOOD…. I am super blessed to have kids who can ‘hold a conversation, play sport and musical instruments, converse with people from all backgrounds, ages etc and are pretty much well ‘rounded!

I am also thoroughly blessed to have an ever endearing ‘HusBeast’ who hates the limelight and I am sure questions ‘what I do each day’…. But understands it is for the ‘Greater Good’ and ‘For the People’.. and throws out the ‘I am so Proud of You Babe’ tag when and if required (his voice and comment has been recorded for when he is on site just in case I need confirmation).

Blessed I am (as I am sure you are) to also to have amazing Team Members, (gee they make me giggle and know that what we do is not in vain) my Friends, Family, Whanau (that is Maori for Family in case you didn’t get it) and regulars who love, support and those ‘Stalkers’ who think I am ‘All that and a Bag of Chips’! So there you have it ….. I AM REALLY AM!!

And guess what ….. SO ARE YOU!!!! ALL THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS (one of my favourite ever sayings – I have many- but this one is clearly a winner)!!

So Happy International Women’s Day … especially to all those women ‘not feeling it’…..it is very much about each and every one of us recognising the most amazing Women we know, love, cherish and aspire to be as well as the up-and-coming girls, gals and women we wish to inspire who will know how to find and/or invent themselves for THEMSELVES – there is so much support for us ALL – reach out!


Dani Tamati is a Recruitment Specialist, Careers Coach, HR Manager, Mentor and Speaker! A Mumma of 4 and a FIFO Wife.

She is often called upon by the Media to speak about the current climate within the Resources sector and has been interviewed by Channel 9, ABC National, Today Tonight, ABC Drive and ABC 720 Program.

Dani resides in the Perth hills with her Husband and 4 Children.

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