Founder and Principal of THE resources HUB, Dani Tamati, is a woman of many talents.  Having worked in the recruitment and people development space for more than 20 years Dani also has a wealth of experience working in the resources sector, offering a unique insight into this industry.  This provides Dani with plenty of content for her powerful keynote speaker presentations.

Dani is an engaging and dynamic speaker who shares her extensive knowledge in a way that creates learning and interest for your audience.

Dani has spoken at many events over the course of her career and as Perth’s “go to girl” when it comes to Resources Sector, Recruitment and People Development, she will offer a fresh approach for your next event.  Whether it’s a workshop, seminar or conference, Dani is someone that will add the value you are looking for.

Some of the more recent events where Dani has featured include;  

  • Keynote Speaker – ECU Joondalup (2014)
  • Keynote Speaker – CDAA ‘Good Theory, Good Practise’ (2014)
  • Panel Member, Nifnex Success Academy, Live Our Purpose (2015)


Contact Dani to find out more about her keynote presentations or to book her as a keynote speaker for your next event.