Have you been thinking of Career Growth, Career Direction or Career Clarity?

THE resource HUB is a Mining Recruitment Agency with extensive and specialised experience not only in Recruitment and Human Resources but also Career Growth and Development.

Our PASSION IS PEOPLE…. We assist job seekers to find their ideal employment opportunity as well as guide them in their Career Growth and Career Clarity. Aside from specialising in mining recruitment, We have been the resources sector recruiter of choice for a growing list of companies in Western Australia, nationally and internationally.

Many have experienced the great results of our ‘Career Growth’ or ‘Career Clarity’ Conversations. Through our these conversations, our expertise includes helping you discover the best career that is aligned with your interests and your personality. Knowing this is proven to provide future job satisfaction and success in career.

Yes, you can find a career that is associated with the things that you like doing!

One of the best steps to do this is to speak with one of our Career Coaches and perhaps through taking our Harrison Assessments online test.

So What is Harrison Assessments?

Harrison Assessment is an online behavioural career test based on worldwide research that clearly shows that when you find this alignment, you are more than three times as likely to succeed in your career. Why would you settle for just a ‘job’ when you can clearly identify your suitable job and really love what you DO!

We don’t just provide you with a career report – we make available an interactive, online tool which will allow you to see more than 650 careers ranked in order according to YOUR likes and dislikes. You even have the ability to sort the careers by education levels, search for enjoyment levels related to specific careers, or explore what you would like or dislike about specific jobs. You can also run reports related to your greatest strengths as well as your likely career development for the future.

Over 2 million people have benefited from our system and career test which aligns your passions with real careers. Our unique system provides clear direction toward success and fulfillment. Let us help you earn your income by doing what you love. Find your calling today and land your dream job with the Harrison Career Guide!

Contact us today to speak with one of our Harrison Assessments Consultant.

What have you got to lose? For more information, Visit http://theresourceshub.harrisoncareerguide.com/


Do What You Love..and you will never work a day in your life!